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Senor Moose – 01/21/2011


Location: 5242 NW Leary Ave


Breakfast: 8-3 7 days a week

Dinner: 5-9 Sun – Thurs   5-10 Fri – Sat

The husband (hereafter known as “J”) and I have had breakfast at Senor Moose a couple of times but never dinner. We decided in keeping with our idea of trying new things at restaurants where we’ve eaten before, we would try their dinner menu.

Senor Moose specializes in Mexican food rather than the Tex-Mex stuff you get at Azteca. Their breakfasts are cut above the usual breakfast fare. Their dinners go along the same theme of food that is relatively unfamiliar to the average gringo.

Senor Moose is a very popular Ballard breakfast joint … if you don’t get there right when they open, expect a good wait … I figured this might also go for their dinners so we arrived about 20 minutes after they opened at 5pm. When we left about an hour later, the dining room was nearly full.


The waiter was relatively helpful if a bit slow. It seemed like the time between taking our drink order and when we actually ordered food was a bit longer than normal. J, being the nice guy he is, suggested the guy was giving us extra time with the menu filled with unfamiliar items. I felt his timing left a bit to be desired.


We each ordered the Reposado Margaritas. Hands down the best margarita I’ve had in a long time. The mix of tequila to lime to agave was perfect. J agreed with me. It was hard not to drink it fast because the temptation to order another one was strong.


Since I am a fan of guacamole, we decided to try theirs. The waiter also offered a selection of home-made salsas with the guacamole and chips so we said yes to that as well. The guacamole, which was the freshest I’ve ever had at a restaurant, was both chunky and creamy with a great mix of spices and tomatoes. The chips were lovely as well, light, warm and nicely salty. The salsas came in small cups (a peanut based salsa, salsa fresca, chipotle salsa, and two salsa verde, one cooked and one fresh). They were good and the presentation was cute but in the end … as in when the check came … they weren’t worth the amount we were charged. I’ve had better, fresh salsas at La Carte de Oaxaca for free.


J got the Alambres, a mix of shredded beef, chorizo, bacon, green bell pepper and poblano chile topped with cheese and fresh salsa verde. He loved it. The flavor of the meats melded together yet he could pick out the flavors of each type. It was all seasoned well and was not too spicy. He also felt that the green bell peppers were cooked exactly right as they didn’t overwhelm the dish. He would, given the chance, order it again.

I went with the Mole de Papantla, braised beef covered in mole served with mashed sweet potatoes and a salad of romain lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes. The mashed sweet potatoes were lovely, smooth, slightly buttery and salty. The little bit of salad was crisp and fresh. The beef mole though … The beef was tender enough but something about the flavor of the mole just didn’t sit well with me. There was almost a sweet metallic taste to it that put me off. Being that I’m no expert on the flavor of mole, that sweet aftertaste might have been expected for the type of mole I chose. I can’t really fault the chef for my disliking this dish. It just wasn’t to my taste.


Reposado Margaritas – $9.50 each

Guacamole, Salsas and Chips – $9.50

Alambres – $15.95

Mole de Papantla – $14.95

The Verdict:

While both J and I felt the margaritas were worth every cent of the $9.50, the rest of the meal seemed a little over priced for what we received. The salsa sampler, in particular, was way over what I would’ve been willing to pay. J’s felt his entrée, while really good, wasn’t any better than one he could’ve gotten cheaper. The local taco truck down the street has food just as fresh for far cheaper.

Granted, we will go back to Senor Moose for their breakfast, which is creative and more reasonably priced, but I doubt we’ll go back for dinner. Or at least a full dinner. We may occasionally go in for their fabulous margaritas and a side of guacamole. Boy, those margaritas were good.

  1. adams
    January 22, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    I find their food quite delicious, but I agree with you about the pricing. it’s great stuff, but at SUPER-GREAT-STUFF prices.

    for extra fun, if you go in for dinner again and the manager is working, ask him what’s up with the name of the place. he bent our ear with a rant for about 15 minutes about how insane he thinks it is.

  2. Erin
    January 24, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    I wonder if you got the same waiter we always got when we went back in the day. He felt more like a salesman than a waiter. And yeah, when the check came I always felt like I’d been taken for a ride. But I took that ride more than once, so I guess I liked the place well enough.

  3. TheAngryGerman
    February 16, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I agree, breakfast is when Senior Moose really shines. Mmmmm love their verde sauce! The first few times we went to Mr. Moose for breakfast they had some of the best coffee either of us had tasted: unbelievably rich, smooth, and full of flavor. When we asked, the server mentioned they got their coffee straight from the source in Central/South America (the name escapes me now). Unfortunately, the last few times the coffee at breakfast has lost a bit of that earlier luster.


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