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Flying Squirrel Pizza in The Sunset Tavern– 1/23/2011


Location: 5433 Ballard Ave NW


5-9:30 everyday

Happy Hour:

5-7 everyday

This time we visited the newest pizza place in Ballard. The Flying Squirrel Pizza Company opened up in the Sunset Tavern a few months ago bringing with it what is the best pizza in Ballard. Period.

J and I visited Flying Squirrel for the first time at the beginning of December and were very impressed. Tonight was the fourth time since then and we will return many more times in the future.

The Service:

Pretty good for a place in which the bartender is your server. There are no other servers. The dude who helped us was quite nice and relatively attentive considering there were 4 or 5 other parties there.

The Drinks:

J got rum & coke and I had a glass of tempranillo. Both were totally serviceable.

The Food:

Ah, the pizza. This time around we went with a ½ & ½ pizza. Full pizzas consist of 8 slices.

First half: Homemade sausage, chopped fresh garlic, mozzarella and sauce. Delicious, slightly sweet tomato based sauce. Spicy sausage that was not greasy. A light coating of mozzarella. And oh, so garlicy without being overwhelming. A little sweet and a little burn. It was nice to eat a pizza in which every element was identifiable rather than becoming a mass of tomato and cheese.

Second half: Zoe’s bacon, organic arugula, fresh tomato, mozzarella and sauce. The bacon was in quarter slices rather than bits which let the bacon flavor seep into the cheese and sauce. The arugula gave a nice, fresh but bitter accent to the rest of the pizza. Sure, the fresh tomato was a little pale but that’s to be expected during the winter.

One of the best things overall about Flying Squirrel’s pizza is the crust. Flavorful. Stays crispy on the edges and holds up in the center. So good that we ate the pizza, crusts and all.

About the only con about these pizzas is that, as is indicative of thin crust pizzas, it tends to get cold quickly. But even cold, these pizzas are delicious.

The Price:

Rum & coke: $5.00 normally, $3.00 during happy hour.

Tempranillo: $7.00

First half: $8.25 ($16.50 full)

Second half: $9.25 ($18.50 full)

$3.00 off of pizzas during happy hour.

The Verdict:

Run, don’t walk, to try this pizza. Fresh ingredients. Local meats (Zoe’s, Salumi, homemade sausage). Interesting choices (we’ve had their roasted potato, blue cheese, chive oil, spinach pizza as well). There’s a rotating selection of specialty toppings/pizzas. J, as an East coast native, says it is as close to eastern style pizza as you can find in Seattle. This is our choice of pizza places in Ballard from now on.

And if you do go, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to join you.


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