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The Blue Dog Kitchen – 1/29/2011


Location: 5905 15th Ave NW

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-6

Sat-Sun: 8-3

Breakfast this morning was at the Blue Dog Kitchen, a couple of blocks away from our apartment. The Blue Dog specializes in breakfasts and sandwiches. It’s a tiny restaurant with few tables that can accommodate more than two people. It tends to get noisy so it’s not a place to go if you want a quiet breakfast.

The husband calls it a “Hippy restaurant” both in regard to atmosphere and menu. They have a full range of espresso beverages and teas available.

The Service:

Attentive and pretty quick. Although someone might have mentioned that you needed to go up to the counter to pay rather than paying at the table.

I would include in the service category that the Blue Dog has one of the most comprehensive menus I’ve ever seen. A note at the top warns that their French toast selections can take up to 20 minutes to cook. The wheat free pancake section gives the ingredient list. They make a request that if you don’t wish the fruit cup or butter that you tell them so food isn’t wasted.

The Drink:

J had coffee and I had a decaf latte. J said his coffee was strong but good. My latte was really good.

The Food:

J: The House Special, fried eggs over home fries and melted cheddar cheese with bacon. Very homemade tasting. Came layered in a bowl with the potatoes on the bottom with the bacon and eggs on top. J said that the two good things about this dish were the fact that the heat from the potatoes cooked the eggs on top and since it was served in a bowl, everything stayed nice and hot. He did feel that there was an over abundance of home fries, although he did like the taste of them.

H: Open Faced Omelet of spinach, bacon, and feta, with home fries and bread. The eggs and spinach were cooked perfectly. Neither was too watery and both had good flavor. It looked as if they added fresh herbs to the egg mixture. The amount of feta was more than I have had in similar dishes and tasted fresh and salty. The bacon pieces could’ve been smaller because much of it seemed under cooked to me. This gave some of the bites a slimy texture. The home fries were okay and plentiful. I prefer them a bit more crispy but they at least had some seasoning on them.

The Price:

Coffee: $1.95

Decaf Latte: $3.15

House Special: $7.65

Open Faced Omelet: $8.95

The Verdict:

It was a pretty good, homemade tasting breakfast. Granted, I could probably make a comparable breakfast at home and to my specifications … which in retrospect isn’t saying much for the Blue Dog. It wouldn’t be my first choice for breakfast in Ballard (*cough* Bad Albert’s) but if we’re feeling lazy and want to walk somewhere for breakfast on a weekend morning, we’d go there again.

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