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King’s Hardware – 3/15/2011


Location: 5225 Ballard Ave NW


Mon-Fri: 4-2

Sat-Sun: 12-2

Happy Hour: 4-7

We hadn’t planned on eating at King’s Hardware this week. We had a big dinner at the Matador on Monday and were planning a nice dinner at the Pink Door for my birthday on Wednesday so I was going to fix dinner on Tuesday. Then I read about something special that the owner of King’s Hardware had planned for Tuesday, March 15th.

The owner was donating 100% of the proceeds from King’s Hardware to relief for tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan via the International Medical Corps, a non-profit, non-sectarian group who helps with natural and other disasters worldwide. We figured we could get a review done and help those in Japan at the same time.

King’s Hardware is a burger bar. The aesthetic is hipster hunting lodge chic with stuffed critters on the walls, lots of exposed wood and muted lighting. It’s a nice place to have a burger … during the week. During the weekends, King’s tends to be packed from open to close. This was our third attempt at eating at King’s for the restaurant project having been turned away the previous times due to the crowd. Knowing this, I arrived about 45 minutes after they opened to snag a table. J got off work and showed up about a half-hour later. By the time we left, King’s was completely full.

The Service:

The dude who served us was friendly, quick and polite. When I told him I’d just be ordering a drink and salad while waiting for J, he understood and left a menu. I don’t think we’ve ever had bad service at King’s even when they’re incredibly busy.

The Drinks:

I ordered a Maritime Lager, a light crisp beer and J had his usual Long Island Iced Tea. J quite liked his Long Island and felt that the added black cherry was a welcome addition. We both had a couple of drinks since it was for a good cause.

The Food:

Before J arrived I ordered a small, Caesar Salad. It was pretty good. The dressing was flavorful and creamy without being heavy and the portion size was huge. I prefer my Caesar salad dressing a little fishier but this one was perfectly acceptable.

After J arrived we each ordered one of King’s signature burgers. I chose the Billy Burger, a beef patty topped with goat cheese, roasted garlic and red peppers. One of the tip offs to how good a burger might be is when the server asks how would you like your burger cooked. I asked for medium rare and it came out with nicely seared and pink in the middle. The patty could’ve been a little thicker but the meat was nice and fresh tasting. The hamburger bun was nice and soft making the burger easy to handle. The mixture of the goat cheese, roasted garlic and red pepper tasted lovely. The roasted peppers had the slight caramelized char to the edges that I love. The burger was nicely topped with a fresh tomato, lettuce, red onion and sweet pickle chips. All in all a very good burger.

I ordered onion rings as a side. These weren’t as good as the burger. Just sort of generic, beer batter onion rings. A little greasy and tough to be honest.

J ordered the classic King’s Burger, topped with bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and mushrooms, with a side of sweet potato fries. J loved his burger. The bacon was cooked just right and the patty was well cooked. The sweet potato fries were a hit as well with their sweet, crispy caramelized flavor.

The Price:

Maritime Lager: $3.00 (Happy Hour price)

Long Island Iced Tea: $9.00

Small Caesar Salad: $4.95

Billy Burger with Onion Rings: $9.95 ($1 off for Happy Hour)

King’s Burger: $8.95 ($1 off for Happy Hour)

Side of Ranch: $.50

The Verdict:

Thus far, King’s Hardware has the best burgers in Ballard. The choice of toppings are interesting and of good quality. The sweet potato fries are extremely tasty. J loves their hot wings, which are .25 a piece on Mondays.

The only drawback to King’s Hardware is the crowds. If you want to go there, go early to snag a seat. Otherwise you’ll probably be out of luck.

King’s Hardware will continue to get and deserves our business not just for great burgers but for going well out of their way to help those in Japan.


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