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Thaiku – 4/28/11 – Closed


Location: 5410 Ballard Ave NW


Mon-Thurs: 11:30-9:30

Friday: 11:30-10:30

Saturday: 12-10:30

Sunday: 12-9:30

Fu Kun Wu Bar:

Mon-Sun: 5-12

Thaiku has been the Thai restaurant in Ballard for years. Before J and I moved to Fremont for a couple of years, we always went to Thaiku. The service was great. The food tasted fresher than your run of the mill Thai place. There is a creative selection of alcoholic beverages on the menu. Even the décor, in the large, romantically lit main room and the over the top, Thai apothecary shop back bar, Fu Kun Wu, is a higher class take on the usual Thai restaurant kitsch.

When we moved back to Ballard last year, Thaiku was one of the first restaurants we visited, expecting the usual great experience. Which we didn’t get. The service was lackadaisical at best, rude at worst. The food was greasy, bland and lukewarm almost to the point of inedibility. After having an awful time at Thaiku twice, we started driving back to Fremont whenever we got the craving for Thai food. So it was with a certain amount of trepidation that we revisited Thaiku for this project.

The Service:

I’m happy to say the service this time regained its high marks. The server was friendly, quick and polite. The serving of the courses was spot on. Virtually the minute we finished with our appetizer, our entrees arrived, piping hot. Stellar service.

The Drinks:

I chose a nice, refreshing rose.

J ordered one of Thaiku’s specialty cocktail, the name of which neither of us can remember. It was served in an aperitif glass and contained brandy, if we remember correctly. He did quite enjoy it.

The Food:

For an appetizer we ordered the Giow Tawt, crab meat and cream cheese wrapped in a wonton, deep fried and served with plum sauce. One of the lighter Giow Tawt (crab Rangoon) in Seattle. Not greasy at all and perfectly complimented by the tart, almost citrus flavored plum sauce.

I chose the Chicken Pahd Kee Mao, wide rice noodles with red curry paste, green onion, baby corn, red and green peppers, cabbage, carrot and egg. Delicious. The vegetables were wok fried to a perfect al dente letting their natural flavor come through without being overwhelmed by the sauce. The sauce created a caramelized coating over the noodles and chicken which was enhanced by an ever so slight spiciness. Probably one of the best Pahd Kee Mao dishes I’ve had in Seattle. Well up to their old standards.

J ordered the Tofu Pahd See Iew, wide rice noodles with Chinese broccoli, black pepper, egg in a sweet soy sauce. He said it was really good even though it wasn’t very spicy. Everything was cooked perfectly.

The Price:

I’m having to guess at the price since Thaiku doesn’t post prices on their website.

Rose: 7.00

Mystery Cocktail: 9.00

Giow Tawt: 6.00

Pahd Kee Mao: 8.95

Pahd See Iew: 8.95

The Verdict:

Thaiku has redeemed itself. Everything about our visit hearkened back to why we loved the place. Great service and excellent food. Last year must’ve been a bad year for them or something because our meal was awesome. After reviewing three of the five Thai places in Ballard (a new one will be opening up soon), Thaiku is destined to become our choice for sit-down Thai food while the tiny Uma Thai, with its good food at cheap prices, will likely be our go-to restaurant for quick, take-out thai.

Yes, we’ll go back to Thaiku … if they keep up the good work.

  1. cmb
    May 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    wow. I’m really glad to read this. I had a similar experience with Thaiku over the last few years (was brilliant for a year or two and then mysteriously started to suck).

    nice to hear they’re back.

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