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Moshi Moshi Sushi – 5/8/11


Location: 5324 Ballard Ave


Mon-Thurs: 4:30-11

Fri-Sat: 4:30-1am

Sun: 3-10

Happy Hour:

Mon-Thurs: 4:30-6, 10-11

Fri-Sat: 4:30-6, 11-1

Sun: 4:30-6, all night at the bar

I craved some sushi so we chose our destination from the remaining 3 sushi restaurants using the time honored method of rolling a d6. Moshi Moshi, the most up scale of the Ballard sushi joints, turned out to be our randomly picked destination.

We lucked out going on a Sunday. The Happy Hour menu is available all evening on Sundays when you take a seat at the L-shaped bar. Moshi Moshi feels kind of like a Belltown restaurant. A chic, industrial feel with muted tones and metal. A hostess at the door. Two levels of seating. A pretty nice place.

The Service:

Considering that Moshi Moshi was hopping, the service we received was quick and courteous. As usual for a sushi place, our order arrived quickly, even though we ordered a few things that were cooked.

The Drink:

I chose a small glass of Moon Ring sake which tasted light and ricey. J couldn’t resist ordering Demon Slayer sake which was nearly like water and better than the Moon Ring. Unlike some other sushi place, sake at Moshi Moshi is served as 4 oz shots rather than in a sake carafe.

The Food:

Since the Happy Hour menu had a great selection of relatively cheap choices, we decided to get a few items from it and one roll.

First appetizer, Edamame, steamed soybeans with sea salt. The bowl came to us still steaming. I found the edamame to be a bit overcooked making the beans mushier than I prefer.

Another appetizer we tried was the Agedashi Tofu, fried tofu with soy dashi, ginger, scallion and bonito flake. I’m not usually a fan of tofu but I’ve tried and liked fried tofu at a couple of places. This fried tofu was less fried and more like regular tofu with a slight covering of panko that got soggy real fast. Definitely had too much of the squishy, slimy taste that makes me not like tofu in the first place.

We also ordered the Beef Kushi Sashi, flat iron teriyaki beef on skewers. This turned out much more to my liking with tender, flavorful beef with a slight sweet and salty taste.

Next appetizer, the Gyoza, pan fried dumplings filled with pork, beef and shitake mushrooms with gyoza sauce. These, too, were very good with a nice mix of flavors and textures in the filling.

Our last choice was the Kalbi Short Ribs, teriyaki marinated beef short ribs. Like the skewers, the beef was very tender and lacked the gristle that I’ve found renders some kalbi short ribs nearly inedible.

For our roll we chose the Moshi Moshi 2.0, king crab, cucumber, shiso topped with scallions, scallops and salmon. Considering the array of appetizers, it turned out to be a blessing that this roll was very light compared to many sushi rolls. The creamy crab filling was delicious and the scallops and salmon were extremely fresh tasting. The only problem I found was that it was a bit on the small size for the price.

The Price:

Moon Ring Sake: 9.00

Demon Slayer Sake: 11.00

Edamame: 1.95 (Happy Hour Price)

Agedashi Tofu: 2.95 (Happy Hour Price)

Beef Kushi Sashi: 2.95 (Happy Hour Price)

Gyoza: 3.95 (Happy Hour Price)

Kalbi Short Ribs: 3.95 (Happy Hour Price)

Moshi Moshi 2.0 Roll: 14.00

The Verdict:

Moshi Moshi is a nice sushi place. The Happy Hour menu is incredibly inexpensive and has a great selection of good food. It’s possibly the best Happy Hour deal in Ballard. I could see us going back to Moshi Moshi for that alone.

But is it the best sushi in Ballard? … No, I still prefer Shiku. The sushi roll we had at Moshi Moshi, while good, wasn’t really worth the $14.00 they charged. If you’re going to spend that type of money on sushi, it should be fabulous not merely “good”.

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