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Salmon Bay Café – 5/15/11


Location: 5109 Shilshole Ave NW


Mon-Sat: 6:30am-2:30pm

Sunday: 7am – 3pm

The Salmon Bay Café is another of those bastions of Old Ballard. It sits among the industrial buildings and marine works along the back edge of Ballard proper. Upon entering you see that it’s an old school, blue-collar diner that’s probably been there, in some form, since the 1960’s. A mish-mash of styles and decoration. Dark faux wood paneling here. Floral wallpaper there. Faded photos of ships, captains and kids with fish.

The Service:

Our server was very friendly and gets points for complimenting J’s d20 pendant. The only problem with the service was that it took a while between J’s meal arriving and when mine did. It was odd because the restaurant wasn’t that crowded and what I ordered wasn’t something that should have taken extra time.

The Drinks:

J had pretty good coffee and I had cranberry juice.

The Food:

J chose something he was surprised to see on the menu, Eggs and Polish Sausage with homefries. The eggs were cooked exactly as he had requested and the Polish sausage made a tasty and interesting compliment to them.

I ordered the Fremont Omelette, a four egg omelette filled with bacon, tomatoes, avocado and cheddar cheese with a biscuit and homefries on the side. The biscuit, while homemade, was tough rather than fluffy. The homefries actually tasted better than most, fresh with a great textural mix between crispy skin surrounding well cooked interiors. The omelette came to me overflowing with thick, salty bacon and better than usual cheddar cheese.

The Price:

Coffee: 1.50

Cranberry Juice: 3.25

Polish Sausage and Eggs: 8.95

Fremont Omelette: 8.95

The Verdict:

The Salmon Bay Café serves up a pretty good breakfast for an old school diner. Rather than tasting like everything came out of a bag or from a can, the food tastes home cooked. But the service, at one point, left a bit to be desired and I found paying $3.25 for a glass of generic cranberry juice to be a bit much.

Their breakfast was better than Vera’s but I think we’ll stick with our Ballard breakfast of choice, Bad Albert’s.

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