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Ballard Brother’s Seafood and Burgers – 5/15/11


Location: 5303 15th Ave NW


Mon-Sat: 11-9

Sun: 12-8

Ballard Brother’s Seafood and Burgers is probably better known by their presence at various Seattle festivals and fairs. Their big red booth can be found at the Fremont Solstice Festival, Ballard Seafood fest, Bumbershoot, etc. They specialize in blackened salmon burgers.

Their brick and mortar restaurant sits on 15th next to Wendy’s, which is kind of fitting since it’s pretty much homegrown fast food. The big red building looks huge from the outside but isn’t really all that big on the inside. A row of booths runs along the one wall with a few tables and chairs in the middle. The huge menu board lists everything from beef, salmon and chicken burgers to salads to a long list of fried seafood options.

The Service:

Polite and pretty quick.

The Drinks:

J ordered a Coke and I grabbed a bottle of water.

The Food:

I chose their specialty, a Cajun Blackened Salmon Burger with fries. While the salmon was obviously fresh, I was not all that fond of the blackening spices used. The spices gave the burger an unappetizing, bitter/burnt taste. The Cajun sauce seemed a bit bland. The okay fries were a bit thicker than normal with a crunchy coating. I think the only thing I liked was the soft, wheat bun.

J ordered the 4 pc. Cod and Chips. Although he usually prefers a tempura coating on this fried fish, he liked the flakey breading, which, he felt, gave the fish a much lighter taste. He also appreciated the homemade tarter sauce and the fries better than I did.

The Price:

Coke: 1.75

Bottle of Water: 1.50

Cajun Blackened Salmon: 8.49

4 pc. Cod and Chips: 8.41

The Verdict:

Basically Ballard Brother’s offers fresher and better tasting fast food. The fish was fresh, well cooked and the choices given are more interesting than Wendy’s or McDonalds but these mild pluses aren’t enough to get us to go out of our way to return. We just don’t normally eat fast food and it would take something fabulous to get us to eat that type of food. This just wasn’t that special.

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