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Anne’s Teriyaki – 5/20/11

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Location: 2246 NW Market St


Mon-Sat: 11-9

Ann’s Teriyaki serves no-nonsense, cheap ass teriyaki from a storefront that looks as if the interior hasn’t changed since a previous incarnation as a Greek restaurant. Pale blue walls are lined with an inexplicable, completely useless shelf. The wall opposite from the service counter hosts a Greek themed mural. Considering I’ve never seen more than 5 or six patrons in the place at one time, there are a huge number of tables in the dining area. Even though I know it’s been there for at least 6 years, Ann’s Teriyaki has a “just set up shop” vibe.

The Service:

We received polite and quick service from the lady working the counter.

The Drinks:

J got a can of Coke and I chose a bottle of water. They do offer beer as well.

The Food:

Since they offered it, I got an order of Potstickers which were perfectly serviceable.

From their huge menu, I chose the Spicy Lemongrass Beef with onions and green peppers. My order came on a huge plate with a giant scoop of white rice. The beef turned out to be well cooked and tender with quite a bit of spice to it from a liberal sprinkle of red pepper flakes. The floral lemongrass flavor nicely came through in the sauce. The peppers and onions were cooked perfectly, retaining a nice crunch and snap. I could’ve done with a bit more beef, though. There was still a hefty portion of vegetables left once I finished eating the beef.

J ordered the Ann’s Special Noodles with pork. He found it good but unexpectedly bland. He ended up adding hot sauce.

The Price:

Coke: .75

Water: 1.50

Potstickers: 3.00

Spicy Lemongrass Beef: 6.75

Ann’s Special Noodles: 6.75

The Verdict:

Ann’s Teriyaki is a perfectly serviceable, no frills teriyaki joint. The food is okay and incredibly cheap. The service is quick. It’s just nothing special. Since we have two other teriyaki joints to try, it is still up in the air whether Ann’s is the best teriyaki in Ballard. We’ll see …

Frankly, I doubt we’ll go back. If either of us is in the mood for cheap Asian food it’s far more likely that we would go back to Uma Thai.

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