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Root Table – 6/10/11


Location: 2213 NW Market St.


Monday Closed.

Tues-Sun: 11:30am-3pm, 4pm-11pm

Happy Hour:

Tues-Sun: 4-6, 9-11

On Friday night, J and I went to see the 7pm showing of “Super 8” (which was really good, by the way). Since we’d had a big lunch, we figured we’d wait until after the movie to eat so at 9:30 we started looking for a restaurant that wasn’t closing at 10. After wandering aimlessly along Market Street, I noticed the sandwich board outside Root Table read that they closed at 11.

Root Table serves what I suppose would be considered “Asian Fusion” food, small and large plates influenced by various Asian cultures rather than just one. The restaurant is tucked in a small space between what used to be Market Street Shoes and a cookie supply store that inexplicably continues to thrive. After entering a small courtyard, Root Table is through the door on the left.

The interior consists of a small, open kitchen, a tiny bar and two levels of seating at the neatest looking, yet terribly uncomfortable, tables. Each table and accompanying chairs are hewn from natural hunks of polished wood. The décor is very chic in an organic, abstract art sort of way.

It turned out we were in time for their late night happy hour which offered a nice selection of small plates and drink specials.

The Service:

For some reason it took a rather long time to seat us even thought there was a 2-person table free. Once we were seated though the service was friendly and our orders came out fairly quickly.

The Drinks:

I ordered a Thai Lemon Drop, which used lemongrass to add a softer citrus flavor. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Lemon Drop because many bars make them too sweet. The tart and sweet notes in this one were in perfect equilibrium.

J chose a Mai Tai, which he said was great, from the Happy Hour menu.

The Food:

We decided to share four small plates from the Happy Hour menu.

The Lemongrass Chicken Lollipops were balls of spiced ground chicken covered in cornmeal and fried. Both of us found the coating hard to bite or cut into and the chicken was far too dry. They needed something to add moisture, a cheese or a marinade or something. Dipping them into the sauce provided helped somewhat but not much.

Next was Blanket Shrimp, tiger shrimp stuffed with marinated ground chicken, wrapped in wontons, fried with a green salad. These turned out to be moist, flavorful packets of shrimp and chicken with a slight herb flavor. The green salad was full of fresh veggies and a nice, tangy honey mustard dressing.

The Cajun Calamari, battered calamari spiced with cayenne pepper, garlic and white pepper and served with a spicy dip, was the winner of the evening. The calamari was perfectly tender without the greasy aftertaste of some fried calamari. The dipping sauce had an almost buffalo chicken hot sauce flavor to it without being too spicy. J loved it and said that it was something he would order anytime we visited Root Table.

Our final small plate was the Thai Bruschetta, slices of Macrina baguette topped with garlic and pepper marinated ground chicken and served with a ginger sauce. Long slices of nicely toasted baguette were topped with a generous helping of a moist, herby chicken. The ginger dip added a nice sweet and spicy flavor to the bruschetta.

The Price:

Thai Lemon Drop: 7.50

Mai Tai: 4.00 (Happy Hour price)

Lemongrass Chicken Lollipop: 4.00 (Happy Hour price)

Blanket Shrimp: 4.00 (Happy Hour price)

Cajun Calamari: 4.00 (Happy Hour price)

Thai Bruschetta: 4.00 (Happy Hour price)

The Verdict:

Root Table turned out to be a tasty, late night find. It’s one of those places that before we began this project we kept meaning to visit. They have a creative and interesting menu of food and beverages in a quiet, subdued atmosphere. It’s a great place for a late night snack when most of the other Ballard bars a full. J and I fully expect to visit Root Table again once this project is done to try some more of their tasty small plates.


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