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Scooter’s Burgers & Shakes – 6/20/11

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Location: 5802 24th Ave NW


Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm

Sun: 12pm-8pm

J and I were craving a simple, no nonsense burger that wouldn’t cost much. Of the many non-fast food burger options in Ballard, Scooter’s Burgers & Shakes was the obvious choice.

Scooter’s is a small burger shack located next to the QFC on 24th. It’s apparent from the limited seating that this is primarily a take-away burger place. There are a few seats inside along a bar under the windows and three picnic tables outside. Luckily it was one of those rare (for this “summer” at least) sunny Seattle days so J and I snagged a table outside.

The Service:

The girl who took our order was friendly if a bit frazzled. I got the impression it was her first day on the job. Other than that, the service was okay. Our order seemed to have come out very quickly.

The Drinks:

J had a Coke.

Scooter’s offers a smaller sized version of their milkshakes so I ordered a Mini Chocolate Milkshake. It was half the size of a regular milkshake and the perfect size for me since I usually leave at least a quarter of a normal sized milkshake. The shake itself was quite good with a nice, rich chocolate flavor thought not quite thick enough for me. I like my milkshakes to be so thick that you collapse a lung when drinking them.

The Food:

J chose the Bacon Cheese Burger Combo, with French fries. He liked the burger well enough but felt that the patty was a bit thin. The fries were passable … although I thought they were pretty good when I tasted them.

I noticed a specials placard next to the cash register advertising a Guacamole Burger so I chose that along with a side of onion rings.  I liked the burger. The thinness of the patty didn’t bother me as much since the beef was surprisingly flavorful for a burger shack burger. The guacamole was fresh and chunky. I could have done without the “special burger sauce” but otherwise it was a pretty good burger.

The onion rings tasted good as well. Not too heavy or greasy with a light, crunchy batter.

The Price:

Mini Chocolate Milkshake: 1.95

Guacamole Burger: 5.15

Onion Rings: 2.25

Bacon Cheeseburger Combo with French Fries and a Medium Coke: 7.59

The Verdict:

Scooter’s is a good, fast burger shack that serves burgers, fries and onion rings that are miles above the crap you’d get at McDonald’s or Burger King. If I want a fast, good, fresh burger on a nice day, I could totally see going back to Scooter’s. Not the best burger in Ballard but better than at least one I’ve had so far.

I especially like the idea of a mini-sized milkshake. To be honest, I’ll probably go back on a hot day for a different flavor of mini milkshake before I go back for a burger.

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