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Sam’s Sushi – 7/12/11


Location: 5506 22nd Ave NW


Mon  – Fri: 10am-3pm, 4:30pm-10pm

Saturday: 12pm-3pm, 4:30pm-10pm

Sunday: 4:30pm-9pm

On Tuesday, due to my need to read “A Dance with Dragons”, J indulged my request to go out for dinner. That’s how we ended up at Sam’s Sushi.

Sam’s Sushi was Ballard’s only sushi restaurant for years. This unassuming place just north of the Market/22nd/Leary intersection is the only sushi place open for lunch. It has no nonsense decorating with comfortable booths and tables match the affordable menu. They offer the usual array of Japanese food: sushi, udon, yakitori, sake, Sapporo and bento boxes without the hipster, upscale atmosphere of some of the other sushi places in Ballard. No fancy cocktails or industrial decoration here. Just a simple sushi joint.

The Service:

Great service. Once J arrived, our order was taken and arrived with amazing speed.

The Drink:

J and I shared a large carafe of cold Nigori Sake. This creamy, unfiltered sake was much sweeter than J expected but I liked its cool texture.

The Food:

We started with our usual appetizers. The Edamame, while piping hot and well salted, were just too overcooked for my taste. I like a “snap” to my edamame and the ones at Sam’s Sushi were mushy.

Our second appetizer was the Gyoza, wonton wrappers filled with pork. These arrived just slightly pan-fried. Virtually all other gyoza I’ve had, the exterior was fried to the point of crunchiness so these were an interesting change. J loved them.

We chose two specialty rolls from their menu. First, simply for the name, the Spider Man Roll, soft-shelled crab, mixed greens, avocado and cilantro topped with crabmeat, spicy mayo, and tobiko. This roll was huge. Twice the size of any other sushi roll I’ve ever had. Not only was it huge but also the majority of the roll was filled with ingredients other than rice. Only a small ring of rice surrounded the delicious, crunchy, fried crab bits, fresh avocado and mixed greens. Each piece took two or three bites to finish.

Our second, equally huge specialty roll was a Lobster Roll with fresh lobster, mixed greens, cucumber and cilantro. Large hunks of lobster filled this roll with just a hint of bite from the cilantro. Flavorful and tasty as well.

The Price:

Large Nigori Sake: 7.50

Edamame: 4.50

Gyoza: 6.50

Spider Man Roll: 8.95

Lobster Roll: 11.50

The Verdict:

J and I agreed that Sam’s Sushi is a really good, cheap sushi alternative to the other, hipster-ish sushi joints in Ballard. Surprisingly good and huge rolls. Great prices. Quiet atmosphere. If you wanted a non-threatening sushi restaurant to take a newbie to, Sam’s Sushi would be the place. Their rolls aren’t too weird and if you don’t want sushi, there’s a nice menu of non-sushi options.

Is it the best sushi place in Ballard? No, but for the price it’s pretty good.

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  1. Susan
    July 15, 2011 at 10:53 am

    I always feel an urgent need to EAT something after reading your posts. Sam’s sounds like a good bet the next time we visit Amy.

  1. September 7, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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