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Kiss Café – 8/24/11


Location: 2817 NW Market St


Mon-Thurs, Sun: 11-11

Fri-Sat: 11-12

J took the day off on Wednesday so we decided to do a rare lunchtime review at Kiss Café, a sandwich place at the west end of Market Street, in the same warehouse/strip mall as Portage Bay Café. It’s a small restaurant with a bar, some tall bar tables and a handful of regular tables. The most interesting thing about the restaurant is the monthly rotation of art on the walls that coincides with Ballard’s Second Saturday Art Walk . When we visited large, colorful pet portraits adorned the walls.

Kiss Café’s menu features sandwiches, wraps, salads and a few breakfast items. Their real specialty is a huge selection of microbrews. In fact, the first thing you see when you enter the café is two large coolers of bottled and canned beer.

The Service:

Kiss Café is a seat yourself place. Once J and I found a table, the friendly and knowledgeable server took our drink then food order quite quickly. Both of us commented on how fast our food came out once we had ordered.

The Drinks:

I had a glass of Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider, which was crisp and tart.

J chose the Original Sin Hard Cider. His comment about it was “Passable” but he did like the tall, cold glass in which it was served.

A note about the water at Kiss Café. They place a slice of cucumber in the water carafes so the water tastes a little odd. Both of us thought the water was off until we realized it was just the faint taste of cucumber.

The Food:

I ordered the Famous Angus, roast beef, provolone, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, and green bell pepper on a toasted hoagie roll with Maui onion chips and house made dill pickles. The sandwich was so large that I ended up taking half home. The roast beef was tender. The veggies were fresh although I could have done without the sharpness of the green bell pepper. The flavor of the provolone was lost against the thick bleu cheese dressing. Overall it was an okay sandwich but not something I would order again.

The winner, though, was the house made dill pickles. The server brought us a jar of thick pickle chips with our sandwiches. These crisp, vinegary chunks of pickle were amazing. Fresh tasting and still looked like cucumbers. I had a very hard time not emptying the entire jar. As it was, I took some home with my leftover sandwich.

J chose the Fun Guy, a hot roast beef, provolone, and mushroom sandwich with au jus and potato chips. He felt the meat was a bit dry but the au jus helped with this problem. Overall, an okay sandwich but he’s had better.

The Price:

Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider: 4.50

Original Sin Hard Cider: 4.50

Famous Angus: 10.50

The Fun Guy: 11.00

The Verdict:

Kiss Café was okay. Other than the good service and fabulous pickles, Kiss Cafe wasn’t that memorable. The food was merely okay. We’ve both had better sandwiches elsewhere in Seattle for a significantly lower price. I think that was part of my issue. The prices seemed really high compared with other sandwich places in Ballard.

J doesn’t think he’ll go back. He just felt there is no reason to. I, on the other hand, may go back someday for a beer and a jar of pickles because they were that good.

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