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Ballard Restaurant News – August

It seemed like there was quite a bit of Ballard restaurant news in August so I thought I would gather it into one post.

Seattle Weekly is having a Neighborhood Snack Down, pitting the restaurants of differing Seattle neighborhood against one another. Check their website to keep track of Ballard’s standing.

Ballard’s Walrus & Carpenter made Bon Appetit magazine’s list of Best New Restaurants, coming in at #3.

It looks like Bad Albert’s (one of our favorite places in Ballard) will reopen soon. They seem to be renovating the interior.

The owner of Cafe Mox, Dan Tharp, is the focus of a Chow Bio in The Stranger.

Renovation at Red Mill Totem House is moving along. They hope to be open sometime this month.

Benito’s Chicago Eatery is coming to 15th Avenue this month.

A new Cuban food truck has been sighted in Ballard. Even though food trucks aren’t counted in the Ballard Restaurant Project, I’ll post a short review whenever I try their food.

The Sexton, where Madame K’s used to be, looks like they may actually open. The window has been painted with their name and “2011” so they’d better open before the end of the year.

And Sunny Teriyaki is open once more.


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