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Tony’s Teriyaki and Pho -9/24/11

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Location: 6315 15th Ave NW


Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm

Saturday: 11am-7pm

As we enter the last few months of this project, J and I are forced to visit the, shall we say, sketchier restaurants in Ballard. Places we wouldn’t normally go to unless a friend claimed the food was amazing. We try to keep an open mind about these places with the hope that we’ll be pleasantly surprised. We had this in mind when we went to Tony’s Teriyaki on Saturday.

Tony’s Teriyaki is located on 15th, near Zesto’s. The building looks like it used to be diner or coffee shop. Square with a weird overhanging roof. The interior is just as plain. A few tables and chairs. A big cooler with canned soda. The menu of teriyaki, pho and other combos hangs above the order counter, written in faded, dry erase pen.

Although the place looked clean, neither J nor I felt like eating at there so we got our food to go.

The Service:

The woman at the order counter was friendly and our food came out relatively quick.

The Drinks:

J had a can of Coke while I finished off a bottle of red wine from Wednesday’s dinner at home.

The Food:

I chose a special combo, Beef Short-Ribs and Chicken Teriyaki with rice and a salad. This particular salad was tiny, too warm, made up of limp lettuce and carrots, and the dressing was flavorless, much like every other salad I’ve had in a teriyaki joint. Why do teriyaki joints need to add a salad to their entrees? The some of the portions for the rest of my combo were huge. Two big scoops of white rice and a ton of serviceable chicken teriyaki. The chicken pieces weren’t dry and were even slightly caramelized on the edges. The teriyaki sauce was okay as well. Not too sweet. The portion of beef short ribs was rather small and what was there was flavorless and tough.

J ordered the #18 Combo, Chicken Teriyaki with rice, salad, and 4 gyoza. The gyoza were overcooked bricks that barely finished two because they were so awful. He said he’s had better frozen gyoza. He didn’t particularly like the chicken teriyaki either, saying it was too dry. Not to mince words, “It sucked”.

The Price:

Beef Short-Ribs and Chicken Teriyaki: 8.25

Chicken Teriyaki and Gyoza: 7.50

The Verdict:

Frankly, Tony’s Teriyaki turned out to be exactly what we had assumed it would be when we first saw the place. Sub-par teriyaki. From the awful gyoza to the bland short-ribs and limp salad, nearly everything was either bad or terrible. For me, the only saving grace was the serviceable chicken teriyaki.

Needless to say, J and I won’t be returning to Tony’s Teriyaki … but at least one of the sketchier places has been crossed off the list.

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  1. cm adams
    September 28, 2011 at 9:48 am

    still, no food poisoning is a plus!

  2. STT
    May 18, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Hi, just discovered your Blog and think it’s a wonderful idea. I’ll be referring to it often when deciding where to eat out in Ballard, which is funny considering I’ve lived here most of my life. It’s just changed so much in the last few years that I can honestly say that I’ve only eaten at a handful of the current establishments out there.

    I also wanted to pass along that the building that Tony’s Teriyaki is occupying was a Sub sandwich shop for many years back in the 80’s and possibly into the early 90’s. When Subway opened up nearby it pretty much ended what business they were getting, which was sad too me. I loved their sandwiches, but I guess I was one of the few who preferred it over a fast food chain.

  1. February 1, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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