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Honorable Mentions of the Ballard Restaurant Project 2011

This list of our next ten favorite restaurants is far more personal than the top ten. The top ten served us our favorite single meals of the project. The Honorable Mentions are a mix of nostalgic favorites, new-to-us restaurants that totally surprised us, and our go-to restaurants.

People’s Pub

We love People’s Pub partially out of nostalgia … it was the site of our first date … and partially because it serves good, hearty German inspired food. The sausage plate is one of the most affordable and tasty Happy Hour options in Ballard and the crème brulee is divine.

Café Mox

A nifty idea for a café where you can sit and play any sort of game. Great atmosphere.  Creative sandwiches and appetizers made with quality ingredients and one of the best Caesar salads in Ballard.


Our favorite sushi restaurant in Ballard. Fresh fish. Really good gyoza. The best Long Island Iced Tea in Ballard. And the best women’s restroom in town.

King’s Hardware

Ballard’s best hamburger. A creative list of toppings for a patty that tastes like it actually came from a cow. The sweet potato fries are delicious and every Monday they offer an awesome deal on their tasty buffalo chicken wings.

Root Table

Tasty, Asian-fusion small plates served with good cocktails.

The Bal-Mar

Great cocktails and bistro fare. The twice-fried French fries with white truffle aioli is divine.

Shelter Lounge

A big surprise. Interesting appetizers … who would have thought that PB & J jalepeno poppers would be good. Really good sandwiches and entrees. Tied for the best Long Island Iced Tea in Ballard.

Ballard Loft

Another surprise. Delicious, fancy hot dogs with really good fries.  A fabulous jalapeno margarita.

India Bistro

Very good Indian food. I put it on this list because I really like India Bistro whenever a craving for na’an and Chicken Tika Masala hits.

Bad Albert’s

Bad Albert’s came back from the grave with an updated interior but most of the old favorites. Great breakfasts with a really good fried egg and bacon sandwich and outstanding huevos rancheros. Lunch and dinner are pretty good as well.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Portalis. The Hi-Life. The Market Arms. The Monkey Bridge. Pho Big Bowl . Uma Thai Cuisine. Staple & Fancy.

Next up: The five worst restaurants.

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